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This site obviously has an activist agenda, but the info on dynamics of climate change appears both clearly presented and comprehensive -if you trust the sources (not all very current, but at least well-footnoted). Helpful, how they single out water vapor as they primary fast FEEDBACK gas, while the 4 main greenhouse gases (contribution of each quantified) are identified as FORCING climate change. Good way to get readers thinking in terms of classical System Dynamics.

There are 2 ways that greenhouse gas emissions enters our atmosphere. One of them is through human activities. The main human sources of greenhouse gas emissions are: fossil fuel use, deforestation, intensive livestock farming, use of synthetic fertilizers and industrial processes. The other is through natural processes like animal and plant respiration.There are four main types of forcing greenhouse gases: carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases. The main feedback greenhouse gas is water vapor.Greenhouse gas emissions trap heat in the Earth’s atmosphere, just as the glass of a greenhouse keeps warm air inside. Human activity increases the amount of greenhouse gas emissions entering in the atmosphere, contributing to a warming of the Earth’s surface. (Source)

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