Mandevilla Or Dipladenia: Information About The Care Of Dipladenia [...]

Interesting article on these two kindred-but-different tropical plants (will help me to nail the species of a plant that was gifted to my farm)… But i question some of these assertions about tropical plants. For example: Bougainvilleas must be brought inside for the winter? i beg your pardon, but Bougainvilleas grow to monstrous proportions outdoors here in Algarve, where winter temperatures can get down near freezing. Check this out:

My gardening zone is not at all sultry, warm and humid, but it doesn’t stop me from purchasing a bougainvillea or other tropical plant for outdoor use. The plants thrive in summer but have to be moved indoors in the cooler season. Dipladenia, a favorite, is a South American native that grows in tropical forests. The plant is similar to mandevilla vine and works outside in warm zones, or indoors as an accent houseplant. We will discuss the difference between dipladenia and mandevilla so you can decide which of these amazing flowering vines is the best option for your garden. (Source)

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