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There is a movement afoot to establish in Portugal a node in the Savory Institute Global Network.

Should be more info arising out of Skype chat scheduled for next Wednesday (2017.02.15) at 22h CET.

(FB chat excerpts appended below, for extraction of relevant links)

Last summer I went to the paleo convention where I met Christopher. He, together with some other speakers, was part of the “paleo and sustainabily” panel. Presentations where mainly focused on the role of grazing and holistic management in the creation of an healthy and sustainable ecosystem. We had a nice talk and Christopher told me about his interest in the potential that Portugal could have concerning holistic management. I have this feeling that there is a potential group for the setting of a Savory Hub, but more than that, a group that is in its way of applying animal base food sustainability.

I’m writing you all because I believe there could be a good synergy coming out of this conversation.!

As you know Hugo, my husband and I have a dairy farm that we’re attempting to convert into a raw milk, real foods dairy farm while practicing holistic land management. You can count me in in future exchanges about the subject! Looking forward to what might come of such conversations.
Glad to hear this, Hugo, didn’t know you had this interest. I guess you also know we are practicing Holistic Pasture Management in Vale da Lama; just hosted a course on the subject, as it happens, with some 20 participants. Should they be invited, I wonder?
Julia has the list, I believe.

Hi Walt…would you be willing to post a link to your FB page if you have one? I’d like to follow what you are doing and be informed of any future courses you might host.
Hi Gena. Will do when I get back to my desk, am mobile this afternoon.

At the seminar I met Jose and his mother. They have a huge farm (cattle) in the western Algarve, and I think there’s some interest in running it ‘better’. I went to visit it the other day, but unfortunately the mum wasn’t there- she’s running it currently. I feel Jose is very interested in the regenerative aspect, but not so much in the food side of it, as he’s (still;)) a vegetarian – (give me some time ;)). Anyway, the farm would offer a fantastic opportunity to establish a Savory Hub here in Portugal, and I may just contact the Institute to ask for some guidance. XJ

@julia: sounds good… But can you provide any more insight as to what Savory Hub means, in practical terms?

@Gena: FB page for our farm is
Vale da Lama
Quinta de Permacultura – Programas Educativos – Casa Vale da Lama Eco Resort – Sweet Spot Café & Loja da Quinta – Eventos

this is a hub…
@Gena: and your farm, can you say more about where it is at?
thanks for that, @Christopher. Are you affiliated with that hub? a HM trainer? Savory-certified? (i don’t know anything about all this, obviously; just took a short course with Kirk Gadzia at La Donaira ES few years ago)

Hi Yes. We run the UK Hub and yes I am an Accredited Professional with Savory Institute. Here is a document that tells the story…

Its interesting in that I am not sure how I came to be on this conversation – but please fire any more questions that you might have. It seems that I met Hugo last year at the Paleo event… Well done Hugo for linking me in to this chat. As for what is possible with HM – Simply put this work is applicable in all contexts not just agriculture – we work across the whole supply ecology and we use HM as the Management Framework that can handle the complexity – The Policy Setting approach is superb and we are learning day by day just how elegantly simple this work is. What led me to Savory was the quest for methods that can handle complexity and also to enable me to practically address the issue of poor nutrition – the running of the hub is our contribution to the planet. We are having great fun in this process. Our other web site offers some insight into what led us to Savory. (One of the earlier blogs). Best to you all and gratitude.
5 Deep Home – 5 Deep
At 5 Deep we work with you when you know something needs to change, but you are not sure what to do about it, or where to turn for help.

Our farm is located on the island of São Miguel in the Azores, Portugal. Here’s a link to our FB page:
The Farm
We offer raw milk & pasture-fed beef through cow shares. Come take a farm tour & milk our cows, feed calves, & taste our raw milk & fresh cheese!

Gena, Im very focused on this issue of the conversion of intensive dairy to a standard beyond organic. In Australia in 2009 this was a big issue and farmers survived by letting go of agro-chem and making a move towards Biological Standards. I led an organisation that showed how to recover and regenerate. Our UK Hub still has contact with the team in Australia with whom we liaise regularly. I am just starting a large project here that will demonstrate such transitions across the UK. Best regards. Christopher

Your work is quite inspiring, @Christopher. If we could get any number of farm owners together in this part of the world, following your example to better manage our lands and food supply in a more regenerative way, that would be a great accomplishment.

Gena, Portugal needs a hub too!
It would be fun to do this in Portugal!

Ah, Azores… i should have known. No dairy operations in this brittle climate of S-mainland PT.
Extensive grazing operations here are all about beef and lamb.

Also – we are developing land partnership approaches – which links closely to what you are doing. Remember also that Brittle environments respond best to the use of livestock as a tool! If we need a chat lets do so – small group on skype later this week? Best regards. Christopher

Christopher, this is very interesting! I’m considering becoming an acredited professional, and would love to hear more from you, so yes to the chat. Thanks, XJ

Hello everyone, I’m glad to see so much enthusiasm! Currently I am taking the HM online, as I want to follow this path, and to eventually to become a trainer on HM (I have been working on education for human rights and I really feel that ecosystem regeneration through livestock management is one sure strategy to address the ecological, social and economical issues in Portugal – and elsewhere. And I want to actively contribute with my skills as an educator towards this goal) So this is why I am in this chat

For your information – we are running 8 day accreditation course in the UK – the next is in May. The 8 Day intensive, plus the online module – (all 5), plus a practical implementation on a site, plus an exit interview is the requirement to become an Accredited Professional. What is interesting is that the event in May is being hosted on a Scottish Island by a former large scale commercial farmer who made the change about 15 years ago. He now runs an island ‘oasis’. He is also our self appointed farming spokesperson. Here is the link – to show you what’s on offer. We do have people from Cyprus considering also. What an amazing time!
Events Archive – 3LM – Land and Livestock Management for Life
We are offering a 10-Month Comprehensive Holistic Management Training Programme at Fernhill Farm near Bristol. Enroll for just the foundations programme in March, or enroll in all 5 modules: Foundation of Holistic Management, Holistic Planned Grazing, Ecological Monitoring, Holistic Financial Planni…

Question @Christopher, re Cypress ref above: you mean folks from Cypress are interested in the Scotland course? or interested to host a course in Cypress?

At present we are waiting to find out if the Cyprus team will come to Scotland for the 8 day training. I will have an update later this week. Obviously – allowing for language we can train anywhere in the world – especially as we are part of the create additional hubs mission!!

Hi everyone – Im sorry I was on another conference call. Yes I can do Wednesday but it will have to be earlier or later – I have another call at 20.00 UK (21.oohrs CET) so can do anything before say 20.00 CET to 20.55 CET or 22-23hrs CET or even later! ? Please discuss amongst yourselves and let me know the time – I have booked out the whole evening just in case! ALSO PLEASE LET ME HAVE ANY QUESTIONS BEFORE HAND SO THAT I CAN PREPARE A CONGRUENT AND MEANINGFUL STORY / PROCESS. In the mean time here is a link that explains the global hub network…of which we in the British Isles were number 14! Seems a lifetime ago and our lives have changed beyond all recognition – My Wife Sheila was a Vegan when we started!! Now as long as quality is known and nutrition is the key we have a flexitarian lifestyle. Gratitude to you all. best Christopher
Holistic Training – Farm Planning & Holistic Grazing | Savory
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OK It seems that the questions you all pose will keep us awake! best regards. 22 CET is I believe the time. Best Christopher

Christoph, should we maybe send you a quick intro into who we are and our questions to an email address?

Hugo, I’m assuming you’re referring to Alfredo from Herdade do Freixe do Meio. If so, would you like me to send you his cell number?

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