Vodafone Portugal backs start-up Smart Forest to prevent fires – Telecompaper [...]

Thursday 21 December 2017 | 16:02 CET | NewsSmart Forest, a Portuguese start-up working on ways to prevent forest fires, has started to be implement a pilot project in Cascais, where equipment will be installed in Quinta do Pisao. Smart Forest was voted one of three winning ideas of this years edition of Big Smart Cities, a competition for entrepreneurship and innovation promoted by Vodafone Power Lab and Ericsson. Cascais municipality will receive a range of solutions from the startup winners to help improve mobility, energy efficiency and waste management in the city.With the installation of IoT sensors at Quinta do Pisao, Smart Forest will gather information critical to preventing fires, such as carbon dioxide levels, humidity, wind power and direction. The data is transmitted by Vodafones mobile network to a gateway that, through an artificial intelligence system, analyzes and interprets the information, triggering alerts in case of fire risk. (Source)

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